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Zaquarella Greetings Cards

Zaquarella have expanded into making greeting cards as we believe that art this beautiful should be shared!  Greeting cards remain ever popular, even in the digital era, as the only occasion when we write special messages to each other.

Zaquarella greeting cards are exciting and fresh. The designs we use are modern and make use of only original art. We are obsessed with quality in both design and manufacture. Our greeting card board is firm, luxuriously smooth to the touch and won’t smudge your message. Matching and colourful envelopes are always provided and each greeting card is wrapped individually in clear reseal-able cellophane. Our greeting cards come in three perfect sized squares of small, medium and large, just right to match the message you want to share. The greetings cards are blank inside.

We are committed to the environment and use earth friendly materials whenever possible. Zaquarella proudly supports South African Artists. Our greeting cards are made in South Africa and support local business and job creation.

Cross Section CollectionElegant Collection
Flora CollectionIndigenous Collection
Life Collection Modern Collection
Organic CollectionRose Collection
Water Collection